Information regarding the process of order to print posters


  1. It is important to revise it before uploading your poster file. Your poster will be printed exactly as you submitted.
  2. We accept only PDF or JPG(JPEG) format to print.
  3. Maximum file size for online ordering is 150 MB, which is plenty for most research poster presentation files.
  4. You may order Max. 9 poster files at once.
  5. We provide a courtesy check for anything that is grossly problematic, like wrong size document, really bad alignments, graphics that are very low quality and text that cannot be read because of bad resolution.


  1. If your conference doesn’t appear on our website, this means we haven’t had an agreement with the organizers to produce the posters. Simply contact and give us your conference information. We’ll contact you or your organizer as soon as possible.
  2. If you can’t see your dimensions from size chart, please round up to the nearest size for your selection.
    You can then note your desired printed dimensions in the Special Requests field in the ordering process.
  3. All files are secure and will remain confidential. We delete all files people send us after 3 months later the conferences close.
  4. Before the deadline, you may change the poster file at no cost. Please contact customer team at ask@forceposter.com.