Medical, technical and scientific paper print & delivery service

We are the only printer.

We are the first company in Korea that directly deliver all posters to conference site for participants who want to avoid carrying a poster tube. We are the only printer who provide a custom page for your association/organization on Forceposter.com with sizes, information, and requirements.


We are expert !

Our service is novel as we have a PCO (professional congress organizer) background, have attended many conferences and organized our own conference. Hence we have experience of how to design and/or print so your poster looks as good as possible in conference environment. With combined 60 years of digital printing experience, we provide you beautiful, high-quality scientific research posters.


We are here to help !

Our customers celebrate our knowledge, customer service and professionalism. We enjoy talking to our customers and answering their questions about everything from the quality of our paper to our poster printing service. You can contact our customer care experts at ask@forceposter.com or +82-070-8880-0265.


When I worked as a PCO, I’ve always received queries regarding printing scientific poster in Korea. Because language barrier make the process complicate. We start from that point. We do deliver not only a perfect poster but also convenience to you. We deliver all posters to conference site directly. You don’t need to worry about the FedEx schedule anymore. You’ll love the smooth process and idea of never having to carry a poster tube to the venue again.

I’ve experienced to use online printing service in Spain and USA. It is super convenient to order the poster online and fly to congress venue without poster tubes. But I always had an issue regarding delivery. I know sometimes it just happen. I’ve heard that THE FOSTER directly deliver all the posters to the venue in Korea and distribute it on-site. I’m happy with this service and count on it.

Lee, SangHyun
It was a pleasure to work with her and her team. They have done a wonderful job of handling all the various tasks. They are extremely well organized and reliable.

The Combustion Institute